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Pathfinder Society Online Games

Logo of the Pathfinder Society and link to official page

This is the door to another world - to Golarion, world of the Pathfinder Society.

My games are hosted on a dedicated foundry server - this is a browser based VTT (virtual table top).

The server should be up 24/7 and you can access it, e.g. to build or level your character, as long as you already received a login from me.
But when I run another game, the server will not be accessible for you.
Below you can find times when the server will be occupied:

Date Game
--.--.---- Currently no sessions planned

To join my Foundry Server for PFS2, click on the following link:

Glyph of the Open Road

If you want to have a first glimpse on Golarion, this is the World Map:

Golarion World Map

And the following is the Inner Sea Region, which is usually the area most Pathfinder Society adventures are based in:

Inner Sea Region Map

Please note the large island in the Inner Sea - the Isle of Kortos - with Absalom, the largest city of the world, home of the Pathfinder Society.